How do no win no fee solicitor’s work?

What is No Win No Fee?

When you are injured in an accident through no fault of your own you may be entitled in Ireland to compensation for the injuries that you have suffered. For most people the first question that they will ask themselves is how on earth will I be able to afford a good experienced Personal Injury Solicitor? The answer to that question is a No Win No Fee personal injury solicitor.

No Win No Fee, sometimes known as No Win No Foal or a Contingency arrangement means that the Personal Injury solicitor will only charge you his fees if they win compensation for your injuries. If they lose then they will charge you nothing at all.

How do you find a No Win No Feepersonal injury solicitor?

All solicitors in Ireland are governed by the Law Society of Ireland who prohibit the advertising of No Win No Fee products by solicitors. By advertising they mean all documentation and literature and websites emanating from a solicitor. However, it is possible for a solicitor, however to advertise that they can explain to potential clients what No Win No Fee means. So the fact that offer to explain No Win No Fee could possibly mean that they offer the same. Call Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin now on 01 524 0606 so that they can explain No Win No Fee to you.

Are all Costs and Fees covered under a No Win No Fee arrangement with a personal injury solicitor?

The terms and conditions of any No Win No Fee agreement can and will vary from personal injury solicitor to personal injury solicitor, therefore it is so important for you that you agree with your personal injury solicitor about all aspects of your personal injury claim before signing a No Win No Fee agreement with them.

In some cases you will find, a No Win No Fee agreement may state that even if your personal injury claim for compensation is unsuccessful you may still have some outlays to pay, such as court stamp duty, medical costs, filing fees and other incidentals. On top of that you may also be liable to pay your respondent’s legal fees and costs if your personal injury claimgoes to court and is unsuccessful, or the Court makes an adverse costs order against you.

How can I cover the possible costs not covered by a No Win No Fee agreement if the claim is lost?

If a personal injury solicitor takes on your personal injury claim then the chances are that you have a good chance of winning as it will be the only way the solicitor will get paid. If they lose then they will not recover their fees and costs. However to cover yourself from a possible loss then talk to your Personal Injury Solicitor Dublin or call us now on 01 524 0606 about taking out an insurance policy to cover any potential costs in this unlikely eventuality. You know it makes sense so do it now!

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