Personal Injury solicitors or is it now a Beauty Personal Injury Solicitor?

With the ever-increasing beauty industry, such as treatments, operations, products, lasers and cosmetic procedures your everyday Personal injury Solicitor will be more than nonplussed and aside from some female Personal Injury Solicitors, would not have the slightest idea what a potential client was talking about. The technicalities seem to get more and more complex as the days go by.

Well it has just come to pass that we now have a Beauty Personal Injury Solicitor in the UK called Joanne Du Plessis. She has just issued a Press release;

“Joanne Du Plessis, a professional and experienced Personal Injury solicitor offering help and guidance in beauty injuries and other cosmetic injuries, knows all too well how physically and psychologically damaging it can be for someone to suffer from a hair injury or hair damage. As Joanne Du Plessis says, “I receive daily reports of injuries from distressed clients who have been the victim of injuries as a result of hair treatments, cosmetic treatments, laser operations, plastic surgery operations etc. Luckily for many, the effects are short lived but for some the injuries have been devastating and they are left with permanent disfigurement.”

Some of the Personal Injuries come from the negligence of the personnel giving the hair treatments, cosmetic treatments, laser operations, plastic surgery operations etc. Some of the Personal injuries are the result of faulty equipment and tools. Clearly only a Personal Injury Solicitor with specific skills in the area of Beauty and Cosmetics will be able to look into a personal injury claim for compensation for harm or injury will be able to help you.

Could this be the start of polarisation in the Personal Injury and Medical Negligence fields? As we can see from the story of Joanne Du Plessis there is a marrying of someone with legal knowledge of Personal injury and Medical Negligence with specific knowledge of products and services in a defined area.

Certainly, the whole area of Medical Negligence claims could benefit from this kind of polarisation. How many times has a Medical Negligence Solicitor taken on a case for Medical Negligence compensation only to find that when they have paid thousands of Euros for an expert opinion from a Medical professional that there is no case to answer? Already there are Medical Negligence Solicitors who specialise in;

  • A head injury
  • A birth injury
  • A brain injury

In the Personal Injury Solicitors area there are already Personal Injury solicitors that specialise in car accident or road traffic claims. Eventually they may subdivide again into Personal Injury Solicitors Motorbike accidents or Lorry accidents etc. In Dublin, Ireland there is a least one Personal Injury solicitor that specialises in compensation claims for accidents on Dublin Bus.

Certainly, there is some mileage in subdividing the area of Work Injuries and Work accidents as we become more high tech in the work place more knowledge is necessary than has your ordinary Personal Injury solicitor.

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